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Live Events

We excel at bringing innovative products and services to the attention of interested buyers through live sales events and we have the numbers to prove it. We manage over 250 live sales events each week which draw crowds of more than 10,000 people. On any given weekend, events may be held in Sydney, Singapore, and San Francisco, resulting in millions of dollars in sales for our Partner Clients — and we can do the same for you. By identifying your key leads and managing the entire process from concept to completion, we ensure that you and your customers have the best experience possible.

No other company possesses our vast institutional knowledge of the newspapers that bring the standing room crowds; the television stations and times that draw the right audiences; and the exciting environments that set the stage for ideal and compelling sales. Through effective planning and analysis, we will create well-planned, seamless events that, from start to finish, focus around your success.


Dynetech created amazing synergy for a number of its Partner Clients by combining the individual product lines into a full-day conference format, setting the stage for explosive growth in and between each program. Dynetech handled all facets of the event from the initial concept to the travel arrangements to on-site management. With the perfect blend of teamwork and great products, you couldn’t have asked for a more successful day.

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