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Sales and Marketing

You may have the world’s greatest product or service, but if no one knows about it, there’s no sale. So, before we do anything else, we work with you to formulate a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. With our extensive experience across a broad range of industries, we conceptualize, design, and execute all forms of marketing and communication for your company. Need an infomercial, direct response marketing campaign, and television commercial? We do that, and much more. In fact, we spend nearly $2 million each week on marketing for our Partner Clients, and with that kind of experience and buying power, we know when and where to put you so we can turn advertising into profitable sales.


Think direct mail can’t be effective? Think again. Dynetech processes more than 12 million pieces of direct mail each year and many clients see a 200 percent – 400 percent return on their mail marketing investment. Dynetech developed a compelling direct mail piece for a Partner Client that was so strategic, it even exceeded their expectations. In fact, it blew the marketing curve by pulling in more than a 3 percent response rate. Now that’s a measurable result!

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