Who We Are


We develop and manage direct-to-market distribution channels for our own and partnered products.


To be the recognized leader in the global direct-to-market economy.

Organizational Values

Dynetech cultivates an environment in which a bold, entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in a commitment to structure and discipline. Within a culture devoted to mutual respect and good will, Dynetech and its Associates share the following values:

  1. Integrity: where we demand honesty and trustworthiness from each other.
  2. Open Communication: so that we can share a safe environment in which to communicate our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions without fear or concern.
  3. Excellence: for the highest level of performance.
  4. Accountability: as we hold ourselves responsible for our own choices and outcomes.
  5. Flexibility: allowing us to move rapidly and effortlessly in light of incessantly changing market conditions.
  6. Entrepreneurialism: where bold initiatives and strong corporate discipline merge.
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